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In the context of the ancient Vedic culture of India, the knowledge that takes one forward and liberates one from the limited experience of body consciousness or the name and form consciousness, the ultimate knowledge that bestows upon one cosmic consciousness, is known as the higher knowledge or the greater knowledge, Para Vidya. This higher knowledge is clearly differentiated from the lower or the lesser knowledge, which pertains only to things that are within the confines of time, space and causation, that are limited by time, space and causation. This latter knowledge of things that are limited within time and space is therefore finite and temporary. It is non-eternal. It is the lesser knowledge, and at best it can help you to have a comfortable life of physical conveniences, sense satisfaction, and temporary, partial desire-fulfilment. It has not the power—limited, finite things have not the power—to liberate you from fear and sorrow, to liberate you from all the limitations and imperfections that pertain to this limited life bound by birth and death, hunger and thirst, joy and sorrow, and the ever-changing experiences of sense contacts. Those who seek a knowledge that is beyond this relative knowledge are, therefore, the aspirants for Para Vidya or the higher knowledge which ultimately bestows upon you freedom from bondage, fear and sorrow. This higher knowledge bestows upon you ultimately the experience of your real identity, your true Self which is beyond the apparent, limited self. It ultimately confers upon you spiritual illumination and perfection, the peace that passeth understanding, freedom from all limitations and absolute bliss.

Practice—The Keynote of the Science of Yoga 

Para Vidya is not only for knowing, but also for doing. It is not simply for acquiring information, but more importantly, for putting that information to use by translating it into action, into practice. Because, Para Vidya or the science of Yoga is a practical science that is to be applied in living your life. This vital fact, this important point, in relation to the knowledge of Yoga should not be lost sight of. There should be in you the desire and the determination to start applying the instructions contained in the science of Yoga to your own life and conduct—to your mental actions and verbal actions, as well as to your outer physical actions. That is the very essence of this study that it is acquired with the specific intention and objective of simultaneously translating it into action, of simultaneously applying it to your daily life. Thus, every part of Yoga, right from the very start, is knowledge imparted for conversion into Abhyasa, because it is Abhyasa only that will ultimately bring to you the fruit of your knowledge in the form of rare experience that nothing else in this world can give. Therefore, always remember this term, this word, this concept, of Abhyasa, because Yoga is a practical science of Self-realisation and Abhyasa is the very essence of this science. You learn in order to live, to do.

The Afflictions that Beset the Human Being 

The philosophy of Yoga puts forward, in non-technical or non-metaphysical terms, the thesis that you are essentially an all-perfect entity totally free from any imperfection and not subject to any undesirable, imperfect, negative experience whatsoever. What are the undesirable, 1 imperfect, negative experiences within the range of human knowledge? They are all those things which you are commonly engaged in trying to avoid by so many devious methods. Every day, from the time of your birth, you keep trying to avoid the discomfort and pain that is brought about by hunger. You do not want to remain on an empty stomach even for an hour or two beyond your usual time of breakfast or lunch. If the lunch is missed, you are very, very perturbed, very much disturbed, very much distressed. You become very morose and irritable also. Your whole mood changes. You become a different person. You are no longer a pleasant person. All the days of your life you are engaged in trying to avoid the unpleasant experience of not getting your food. If you do not get your morning breakfast or morning tea, or if you are deprived of your lunch, or if you have to miss your supper, you become a different person. You do not like that experience. So, you try to avoid that circumstance by somehow or the other trying to get something to eat. Have you ever thought about this? This is such a daily and common experience, and such a routine experience, that no one pays any attention to it from the philosophical angle, from the analytical metaphysical angle. What is it that happens to you if you have to miss your meal just once? You whole interior changes. You become a different person. You are no longer a pleasant person. You are inclined to give a sharp answer. You are displeased. Your peace is lost. You do not feel happy and you manifest your unhappiness in the form of a sharp answer or an irritated reply or aggravating conduct. This is an affliction that constantly keeps plaguing the human individual. When he wakes up in the morning, he has this affliction of the desire for taking food. One may call it hunger. Many naturopaths have a different opinion on whether this desire for food is really hunger or not. They have their own opinion. But normally, when you wake up in the morning, the desire that arises for taking something is regarded as the sign of hanger. So, this experience that bothers you, which if it is not satisfied distresses you, changes your personality for the time being, and makes you a different person to your own wife and to your brothers and sisters and even to your mother, is an affliction.

The same is the case with thirst, sleep, fatigue and other emotions also. Various sentiments and emotions bother you, disturb you, throw you out of gear and make you restless. They have the power to agitate you, to make you feel distressed. Unfulfilled desire, anger, a little failure on the part of someone to show respect to you, unkindness from someone, some sharp word from someone, or the failure on the part of someone to recognise your presence—all these immediately put you in a turmoil. Thus, physically, you are subject to the afflictions of hunger, thirst and fatigue and heat and cold. And mentally, emotionally and sentimentally, you are always subject to the affliction of varying states of mind. In this way, you are constantly falling a prey to varying states of mind, not all of which are pleasant. Some are pleasant, many are distressing. Yoga philosophy says that this is an unnatural condition, that this is not your natural condition. You are not a creature subject to such afflictions. You are not a being who has any one of these distressing experiences and symptoms. You are above them, you are beyond them, you are really free from them. They do not really form a part of your actual, true nature. This is very fine for Yoga philosophy to say! But this is not your experience. Your experience contradicts the possible validity or truth of this fine philosophy. Your experience is directly the contrary of what Yoga philosophy says about you. Every day you are in a state of distress only. Every day you suffer. The afflictions of hunger, thirst and discomfort, heat and cold, pain and pleasure are your daily experience. If a little attention is not paid to you when you ask something, your mind is thrown into a state of distress, agitation and turmoil; and it brings about physical changes also. Your blood pressure goes up, your face is flushed, you feel hot and uncomfortable all over, and you want to blurt out something. You want to express your feeling of displeasure and distress and give vent to it so that you can relieve yourself of this inner buildup. You are altogether in an upset condition if someone somehow fails to pay due attention to what you try to bring to his notice, if your request is not regarded, if your presence is not recognised, or if something which you put forward is not properly attended to. So, your experience is an ever-fluctuating, ever-changing experience of constant contraries and constant opposites swinging between hope and despair, joy and sorrow, elation and depression—not only depression, but also a great deal of agitation caused by unfulfilled desires and cravings for things, agitation caused by irritability, annoyance, anger, fear, worry, anxiety and jealousy.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Girly talk: Daiso lipstick

I found these moisturizing and creamy lipsticks from Daiso and just had to share. Can't believe how well they worked despite the worrying retail price of 2 dollars! I mean, come on, if they were good they should deserve a better market price instead of 2 dollars. Did I just mention 2 dollars? Yeap they are just 2 dollars. Application was easy as they glide on lips smoothly without chalking. I've always had dry lips and these baby were able to keep my lips moisturized more than a few hours without food. Only thing I probably wish to see changed would be the glitters in it. But since they were just 2 dollars I could totally ignore such a minor problem.

And then below are some swatches and modeled on pictures for your perusal.

I got 3 different colours to suit different life events. Since they only cost 2 dollars.

All photos are taken under natural light :)

Swatches order from F, E to G. Please excuse my camouflaged mustache.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Back from NYC!

You can find some pictures below or more on my instagram :

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What is love?

This is love.

My heart is full. This person understands so much. *chills passionately*

Snippets - all photos and text below are extracted from swellvoyage's blog :

Afternoons in the mountains for yoga and tree climbing...

We spent many afternoons in the mountain together for yoga and tree climbing…

Swimming was not her favorite activity.

But she quickly discovered that swimming was NOT her favorite activity.

Abrupt ending, Find more awesomeness in swellvoyage's blog :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Everything that happens to you is a test, but also a revelation, of yourself and others. Experiences teach us how to deal with similar situations the next time it happens. It also teaches us and helps us firm up beliefs or thoughts of a particular idea about people or things. Going to New York City might be a huge splurge I never intended (OUCH!) but if I didn’t I wouldn’t come to understand my biological father whom I’ve not seen for more than 10 years. Do I really need the experience to complete my life? No. Because life carries on with or without it. But doing so will provide enlightenment to the few but pressing questions I've always had. We all grow through life's ups and downs don't we? (IT'S A GOOD THING). With good characteristics we've observed we emulate and with weaknesses in mannerism and personalities identified it will be a lesson I take to learn about the qualities I do not want in myself. And this can only happen through interactions with others. Everybody we come across in life provides a perspective we don’t see without the experience of it. The only way for closure is to do, learn and move on – a new beginning. I'd like to believe people always change for the better.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Corrinne May came for a surprise visit! Thank you Sarah Cheng De Winne for the invite <3

instead of the fashion show; I'm finding more interest in behind the scene stuff. How does it feel like to be a camera man?

with my partner in crime; hehe <3

OMG Ryan aka niga higa; almost fainted; sneaky pic from Mel's phone i wish the body guards would move away :p

Work work work

Movie premier, finally got to see Sandra Ng! One of my fav actresses woot

such a mess, I almost fell! And loving the bromance! Love you people so much <3

Till next time!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Weekly reads

It was only a year or two ago that I chance upon this article piece by Willam Deresiewicz. There’s an unexplainable feeling while reading through the article again yesterday night; which I can’t put into words or verbally clarify.

I can’t help but to reflect deeply about the whole article, insightful words; perhaps you’ll find it interesting!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I realised in the effort to clean up my albums space some of the images might have been deleted without me realising it affecting some of my blog posts. Whoops! We definitely only learn by doing!

But what has been done can't be undone...very bummed.

I'm a naturally upbeat person so I'm going to stay cheerful for the weekend, until real responsibilities come striking.

Anyway here's what's been going on recently! :

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I thought it is time to share some of my design stuff on this blog since I haven't updated it for such a long period of time. (Driven partly due to guilt and of course because I love interacting with all of you!)

Here's one of them after I was inspired reading though various personal blogs and quotes.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Random images

Some to share with all =)

i was out and about and just snapped up photos randomly

hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I've been eating well *smile with content*

Saturday, 12 July 2014

100% Pure Cosmetic

Here’s a lipstick and foundation I own from 100% pure. Got to learn about them when I was looking for an organic make-up alternative sometime back. It feels great especially when you actually had an idea of the ingredients while going through the content lists =)

I’ll also be doing a review of these two products soon! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Eye make-up

more on what I've been obsessed about lately! I'm always finding new obsession every other day. I'd like to think i'm generally very interested in life =D
these eye make-up are so pretty aren't they? <3 <3

sources of pictures here

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Organic tea: English tea shop

one of my recent obsessions <3
on a special note, I find having random obsessions rather mentally stimulating, and it helps me to wake up everyday feeling like there's something special waiting for me to do =D

Here is my favourite brand at the moment!
Sorry for the crappy picture though, took it with an old mobile phone :/

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Peanut butter love

i'm so obsessed with peanut butter i finish one jar in a week's time! My current favourite brand is Adams <3

i normally eat them by a spoonful or two, below are images taken when i decided to go a lil' fancy pairing them with oats chocolate cookies =D

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

here are my top 4 beauty inspirations, i think they are so so beautiful <3
went searched for some of their pictures online and just want to share them here

Vanessa Paradis
Clemence Poesy
Chloe Sevigny
Sophie Marceau

pic credits: you'll find here

Make-up post

i was feeling rather inspired and made myself up yesterday with the new pinkish blusher i purchased just a few days ago that costs less than $2 USD! Bought it out of shock (I mean the price!) and mainly because the last Revlon blusher i had were already two years old; think it’s time to toss it out.

surprisingly it has a really nice cloudy pink hue upon application. Just, use your own blusher blush because the one provided is a complete no-no but for the price I shan't complaint!

obviously i'm not a really qualified beauty blogger but i try ^^